LVTech---Notes to Staff

(Judy Anderson)

I am back from the eTech Conference 2009 and have some items to share with you.

At the conference one of the main thrusts was the use of the new web tools such as podcasting, wikis, blogs, twitter, and more. I have created this wiki to communicate with you. As I learn more about these tools I will be adding to it. Since this is an interactive tool you will be able to add to it too. (I will get back with you.) We could have a forum for sharing what we know.

1. A handout in pdf format that shows the wide array of Web2.0 Tools that you might want to use with your classes. Some of these are really neat. These are interactive web tools.

2. A list of Mac OSX Freeware Applications If you have any "geek" in you this wll be a fun list for you.

3. A pdf document explaining how one school reviewed Ancient History studies with 8th grade students in preparation for the OAT Social Studies test.